Burglary Alarms

GCS Security offers alarm monitoring service 24 hours / 365 days, with fast response to alarm signals, service or tests sent automatically or manually by your electronic security system. Verifying through direct intercession of our Monitoring Central Station personnel.​

How does it work?

The alarm panel installed at your home will be connected to the phone land line, and in any case of theft or break-in, panic situation, fire, or medical emergency at your home, we will get an alarm signal, and a professional will call you and your emergency contacts and will notify the nearest police station, fire department or an ambulance depending the situation. ​

What if I don’t have a land line?

GCS Security adjusts to your specific demands and offer you GPRS service, it works using an special alarm communicator that broadcast through the cellular company which one we have arrangement. This special communicator will works the same as the regular phone land line, providing you the same service without having a land line.​