Security at home

At GCS Security we know your family is the most important thing, that is why to protect them is our first priority. It doesn’t matter if they are some yards or miles away from home, when you are connected to our Central Monitoring Station, with just one call we can help you in case of any emergency.​

Our trust worthy infrastructure and monitoring professionals allow GCS Security monitoring our customers, protecting them against burglary, medical emergency, fire and panic 24/7, 365/year.

seguridad en el hogar


  • Support from an accredited security company.
  • Technical support personnel qualified to attend your needs.
  • Monitoring central station with support 24/7 and the best trust worthy
  • Alarm communication via phone land line, GPRS, IP, radio, etc.
  • Competitive rates and payment options for you to make the right choice and supporting your budget.

Electronic Security Systems

The company’s electronic security systems are specially designed to offer you a fast, safe and handy protection against burglary, fire and medical emergencies..

  • Just one system can protect you against burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, and is useful to give any medical emergency notice.​
  • It can decrease your home insurance policy fee.
  • Friendly usage system, very adjustable to your daily routine.​

CCTV Video Security Equipment

You can watch from wherever you are in the World with an internet connection service, what is happening at your home at real time or recorded before.​

  • Indoor and outdoor equipment for your home, functionally designed and very accessible.​
  • You can see who is outside your home before you open the door.​
  • Confirm if your children arrived home.​
  • Watch the baby nursery room and how they are taking care of him.

Local technical support.

We have technical support specialists to help you and respond properly to your technical needs, in any case of new installations or service calls.