Exceptional Projects

Each client has its particular own needs, at GCS Security we like to make sure we decipher all of them; that’s why our project department has specialized professionals to attend any security requirements suggesting advisory for effective solutions.

It could be CCTV, access control, perimeter security beams or all of them to give you an excellent service.

Projects Process


To guarantee the project success and customer’s satisfaction GCS Security designs every project according to customer specific requests, focusing in solving every particular circumstance.


Our engineering staff professionally works in the project to offer the best solutions for you.


Once the project is approved, most important element is Logistics, that ensures every phase of the project reaches satisfactory standards.


After completing all of the project phases and proving customer’s satisfaction, we consider the project finished.

After installation Service

In our Company, Customer is the most important component. And for that reason, every situation reported will be attended by a service call requested or by the Service Plan agreement for your equipment.

proyectos especiales